February 16, 2014

Amelia - 8 Months

Friday was not only a fun holiday in the Burman home, it was also Amelia's 8 month anniversary, you know, of gracing us with these adorable posts. Before I get to far into things about her, let me tell you how Ben and I celebrated Valentines Day.

Well, we agreed to not get each other anything, naturally I then went out and bought/crafted several gifts. I blame my friend Lexie for the idea. I organized small gifts with creative tags that would be delivered to Ben's classroom at random times, by random students, (Thanks to the secretary at the school, Monica) throughout the day on Friday. I was able to keep it a secret, Ben was so impressed (with me and the gifts of course).

Gift : Tag
I made a playlist and put it on a CD: If MUSIC be the food of love, sing on.
Gummie Bears: Life would be un-BEAR-able without you.
Highlighters: You are the HIGHLIGHT of my day.
Pens: We are just WRITE for each other.
Stretchy Dinosaur Toys: Our love makes my heart SAUR.
Bubbles: Your love makes my heart POP!
PopTarts: You are such a sweet TART!
Diet Mt. Dew: I am so thankful for all you DEW!
Framed lyrics to our song: Your name is the LYRIC to my love song.

He emailed me often throughout the day, tell me what he got and I tried my hardest not to give it away that he would be getting more. Side note: our email subject line read "Our Valentine's Day has so much love, it had to start at 5am" Yup, that was Amelia's way of saying she loved us.  He then told me I put way too much effort into it :) Now, let me say, I did get a very cute card and flower I had been asking for, so my heart was also warmed with a thoughtful gift! We then had Chinese take out, put Amelia to bed early and watched a movie about Pirates taking over a ship.... Tom Hanks is in it.... very romantic (long sarcastic stare at the screen). I drank wine and he drank whiskey. All in all, it was a wonderful night.

Amelia is recovering from her first ear infection. She was cranky, needy, feverish and just not herself. One doctor visit, lots of cuddles and some infant Tylenol has made a big difference. I hate when she is sick. I just want her to have no pain and to be a healthy little joy.

Yesterday was very busy, we dropped Sam's Club, joined Costco and then we met with Ben's parents for dinner. We met at good ole Cracker Barrel and we were able to enjoy Amelia and her little personality and appetite. She ate so many carrots and green beans, even some mashed potatoes. Little girl loves to eat.

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia loves to play with her toys.
Amelia is a cuddly baby when she wakes up.
Amelia fake coughs.
Amelia holds her own bottle.
Amelia still takes two naps a day.
      One at 8am
      One at 1pm
Amelia is on 80% breastmilk diet.
Amelia loves feeding herself.
Amelia rolls where she wants to go, no crawling yet.
Amelia says "Daddadada" and "Babababababa"
Amelia blows kisses and pats her mouth to make noise.
Amelia cried for the first time when mommy left. (hard day)
Amelia recognizes people, even on FaceTime!

The pictures below are getting tougher to take, she will not sit still "Squirmin' Burman" strikes again. You will start noticing toys in all pictures just to keep her on the chair!