February 23, 2014

Papa is 59!

On February 19th we celebrated two wonderful men! First, Steve Burman, he is now 59 years young and is as healthy as an Ox. We went down to the Burman Homestead on Saturday where we met up with the entire family. I took a few pictures of opening presents, eating the wonderful homemade lasagna and even some family time during desert (Eclair Cake and ice cream)! Steve, we are so thankful for your humor, and great example. I personally am thankful for all the pain inflicted on my husband as a child. (Built character). Thank you for being a wonderful and loving father-in-law and grandpa to my little girl. I am so happy will one day grow up to be just like you. Happy Birthday Steve.

We got him a "head lamp"

The following pictures make me so happy, you can see Steve making Amelia laugh. 

And since, pictures can't do it all, here is a video:

If you noticed, I did say two men in the beginning, eight years ago my grandpa Mikey passed away unexpectedly, he was a great man. I was looking at Amelia the other day, and I wished he could hold her. I am sure she would have crawled all over him and fell asleep in the crook of his arm like I did as baby. Missing you grandpa.