March 16, 2014

Amelia - 9 Months

Oh my, this little girl is getting big! Amelia is on the MOVE. Today at church, I dropped her off in the infant room, per usual and when I went to get her... they had moved her to the "crawlers" room. I am not ready for that! She is now a crawler, and man does she move fast. My days of her staying put are DONE. She also likes to play with outlets, my life is over.

I was just thinking about the last 9 months and how fast they went, especially compared to when I was pregnant! She is healthy,  teething, and now pulling her self to standing. We are taking our first big vacation to St. Louis this coming week during our Spring Break. We will be visiting Lindsay, Josh, Elizabeth and Abigail.

Amelia is such a blessing, even when she is upset she is cute. I can't help but take TONS of pictures. I realize though, these monthly shoots are getting harder. This time I needed food, toys and even had to move her to her crib to keep her in one spot.

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia loves bath time.
Amelia still drinks 90% breastmilk.
Amelia loves "puffs" or Cherrios.
Amelia still has NO teeth and very little hair.
Amelia's little hair seems to be blond/red.
Amelia is pulling herself to standing.
Amelia sleeps 7pm-6am (ish).
Amelia naps twice a day at the sitters, but when at home just once (because she can sleep in!)
Amelia eats a little adult food.
Amelia loves scrambled eggs.
Amelia loves going to dance practice with mommy and aunt Holly.
Amelia cries sometimes when mommy leaves.
Amelia is obsessed with outlets.
Amelia adores her reflection, be it in a mirror or stove front.
Amelia repeats syllables.
Amelia shakes her head "no" when excited or for fun with daddy.