March 1, 2014

Morning Bath and Ladies Day Out

Today has been a crazy, amazing, and exhausting day. I had Millie to myself today as Ben was in charge of the SW Basketball Program while preparing for sectionals this week (Brody the head coach welcomed his first child into the world on Friday!)

Millie and I started our day by sleeping in, thank you Millie, then we did laundry and ate some breakfast. We took a bath, pictures below, took a nap and then headed to Richmond to see Stephanie, Aunt DD and Grandma "B" pictures are also below!

Amelia was her normal amazing self, we enjoyed Olive Garden, Amelia had some breadstick and mashed potatoes, I had too much salad and breadsticks! After lunch with Aunt Stephanie we visited Aunt DD at work, then Amelia and I delivered some Olive Garden to Grandma "B" as a surprise. Over all, a wonderful day!