Amelia - 10 Months

Amelia - 10 Months

Two digits, this makes me confused. There is no way this little girl is 10 months old, well, since I am now behind she is actually 10 months and about a week. Gross.

I am already planning the birthday party, it will be great! She won't remember any of it. That does not slow my attempts at making this the most awesome 1st birthday. I will take too many pictures and videos. Maybe she will pee on the carpet for the camera like I did on my first birthday. It can be full circle.

Amelia is growing and learning so fast. Her baby sign language is coming right along. I had started giving up on it, she wasn't signing back at me, but she understood what I was signing to her. She is just stubborn and wanted to do things on her own time, she must get that from her father. (pffff). We went to Logan's Roadhouse on Wednesday and little girl has a hollow leg. She ate EVERYTHING we put in front of her. When Ben was eating his roll, she kept signing more and pointing at the roll. She likes loves to eat.

She really hates it when we have to wake her up in the mornings. Recently she has been sleeping late and we have to go in and wake her up, it might be that Ben, me, AND Grissom all go in at the same time, but we are all so excited to see her.

She has TEETH... yes plural. They hurt when she bites, just in case any of you were wondering. Baby teeth are sharp, and for the first time since we stopped breastfeeding I am content with not putting my nipples anywhere near her new weapons.

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia babbles as if you understand her.
Amelia still loves bath time (even after a face first fall when trying to stand).
Amelia crawls really fast.
Amelia pulls herself to standing often.
Amelia is no longer on breast milk.
Amelia takes two naps still.
Amelia love asparagus.
Amelia cuddles in the morning and drinks her bottle.
Amelia wears 12 month clothes, leg for days!
Amelia has two bottom teeth, both came in days apart!
Amelia is getting difficult to photograph.
Amelia's personality is starting to show more and more.
Amelia gives kisses, the open mouth slobbery kind, the are awesome.
Amelia knows how to 'unlock' my phone.

She was about done with pictures! 

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