May 17, 2014

Amelia - 11 Months

Wow, I have been searching for the perfect birthday invite. Because my little girl will be ONE next month. Ben and I have both been extremely busy this week. I had Tiger Dance Company dress rehearsals this week (the show was today... more on that later) and I am coaching Wells Community Swim Team 4pm-6pm each night.

Amelia has been spending time with Ashley, Ben, and Lexie. She will be hanging out with Holly for a while the next two week since I have swim while Ben has Spring basketball workouts. When did the spring get so busy!

Amelia has been a growing joy in our lives. She is standing often and crawling so quickly! Taking her picture has seriously become an art and a two person job. She no longer just sits, she stands, turns the chair, and looks everywhere EXCEPT the camera.

Note: I was gone all day for Tiger Dance Company but before I left I took Amelia's 11 month pictures. Good thing, she took a head dive into the book shelf and her cheek is now purple. The joys of learning how to stand.

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia loves to eat chicken.
Amelia loves to eat tuna.
Amelia loves to eat crackers.
Amelia love to EAT.
Amelia loves chocolate milk. (This is Ben's fault)
Amelia just got a new high chair to do all this eating and drinking in.
Amelia now says "Doggie" and "Daddy" sometimes she even points.
Amelia is teething.
Amelia is wearing 12 month clothes, she is just so long!
Amelia likes to poke/touch peoples faces.
Amelia likes it when daddy shakes her off after bath.
Amelia squalls when she is excited.