May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Madness

I loved my first Mother's Day.

Amelia slept in, she was a mommy's girl and cuddled when she did get up, we went to church, lunch  feasted in Noblesville, got to hang out in the sun and then was able to get lots done Sunday evening because Amelia went to bed early. She was a great traveler and Ben even got me some flowers, cards, and a picture frame that says "I heart my mommy".

I wrote a quick Facebook post on Sunday about how becoming a mother strengthened so many relationships. But the strongest one has been between God and myself. He has given me strength and a view into the type of Love he has for me through becoming a mother.

I am so lucky.

This week is crazy busy for me, which means Ben picks up my slack (thank God for him). Tiger Dance Company show is the Saturday, which means rehearsals all week. I am also coaching the county summer swim team and that started last week, which means 4-6pm practice every day and of course the normal hustle of the end of the school year.

Pray for us, and our students as our patience is thin, we have papers to grade, and all we want to do is play with Amelia.