June 5, 2014

Big News

Well, I have been trying to stay away from the blog! we have been sitting on some great news and I just could not type a blog post without mentioning it. First, no I am NOT PREGNANT. Second, Ben is now the Varsity Boy's Basketball Coach at Southern Wells High School! There were several weeks of preparing coaching portfolio's, prepping for interview questions, and then knowing but not being able to talk about it until it was board approved.

On June 3rd (Ben's 27th birthday!) the board approved his hire and we can now shout from the roof tops. I am so proud of all the hard work and thankful he has the right mind set about being the head coach. There were so many drives where he would have me practice interview him and I was ready to hire him on the spot for his answers (and amazing looks).

Ben has this wonderful outlook about coaching basketball, he wants the boys to grow into rounded men. Basketball is what brings them together and winning is great, but growing to be a good man is better. I love that. I told him to never get away from that idea, it is when you place the sport before the player that things begin to fall apart. I am so proud of him, and to see it all come together on his birthday was even better.

Southern Wells Boys Basketball Website
Southern Wells Boys Basketball Twitter

In other not so important news, Amelia loves the lake. Not just the house and yard, but the actual water! She had her first boat ride and played in the water with mommy and daddy. She is great!