June 28, 2014

Bridal Shower Weekend - Part 1

This has been a weekend full of family visits, and it's no over! As I wait for Amelia to fall asleep in her pack and play, in the hotel room, I will talk about our weekend so far!

We left Bluffton around 10:30am on Friday and started out towards Kettering! A few phone calls later we landed in Richmond visiting with uncle Steven and Grammy Bobbie. While there we went for a walk at Hayes Arboretum. We also at lunch and visited. When we left Amelia got a snack and watch Frozen the rest of the way to Kettering.

We then arrived in Kettering! We swam and caught up with Aunt Steffi and Grama Tera, and GG, and Aunt DD! Amelia did so good, even off her sleep schedule. We went to Bob Evans for dinner, where Amelia play with crayons for the first time! 

More about the shower on the next post!