June 15, 2014

We are happily married, have a one year old, and fathers are the bomb.

I feel as though I have been neglecting the blog. Find peace in this though, it means I spend more time kissing Amelia, teaching her more baby signs, playing with her blocks and cooking lots of food for her! Amelia is not the only one occupying my time! Ben being home has given us all lots of family fun time. We are able to just pick up on an evening and play at the city pool. We grill out, play in the kiddy pool and basically enjoy each other.

This post is a catch all, Ben celebrated his 27th birthday on the June 3rd. We have been married for three amazing years on June 12th and our pride and joy, Amelia turned one on June 14th and we celebrated father's day June 15th! June is a busy month.

Our anniversary is still waiting to be celebrated... we are busier this month than I remember last year. Our anniversary started off with Ben going to basketball practice at 6:30 am, then when he returned we booked it to Northfield High School for the WISE Conference where we were presenters. (More information via this link). Then we booked it home, cleaned the house for Amelia's birthday party and I then left for a 4 hour swim meet. Sounds about right, basketball, education/technology, swimming = our marriage. Wouldn't change a thing.

Amelia is one, I will save the details about her 12 month photo shoot for a later time. Instead I will tell you about her party! It was great. My dad even surprised us coming all the way from Florida (which was great since we were able to celebrate Father's day with him!) Lots of family and friends. There was lots of food, bubbles and babies. The weather was perfect, the drinks were cold and Amelia loved her cake. I was so happy with how everything went! Here are some pictures of the day.