June 23, 2014

Youth Camp and DMB

Last week was crazy! Ben hosted his first big event as the head coach. He had youth camp, which when you don't have assistant coaches yet, an make things very complicated. He did a great job organizing and making money for the program. He is so good with kids, it makes me love him that much more.

Amelia and I went a few times to help Ben set up, tear down, and all the in between. I have been recruited to help Ben in all aspects of organizing, apparently that is a strong point for me! I am embracing the "coach's wife" title.

Coach Burman addressing the campers on the last day!

Watching the campers and daddy. 
Then this weekend we ventured to what was supposed to be Mommy & Daddy's first night away from the baby girl. Ben and I love Dave Matthews Band and they perform two shows in Noblesville almost every summer. So we got together with some old high school/college friends and enjoyed the music and some adult time. Amelia stayed with Rosemary and Steve. We knew we would be coming home Friday night but planned to stay at a friends house Saturday night. All went as planned until about 4am Sunday morning.

Ben gently woke me up from what might have been the most peaceful sleep I had encountered in one year, and asked if I would be interested in going home right then. He missed Amelia. After a brief grumble from me we agreed to leave at 5am. Somebody is a sucker for his little girl. We got home about 5:30 am, she woke up, we loved on her and she went back to sleep for a while. Then Rosemary and Steve took Millie to church while Ben and I relaxed a little longer (relax = realizing we aren't built for up all night, dancing, and partaking in a few adult beverages anymore). We then started getting antsy waiting to see Amelia after church! We miss her more than we ever thought. This little girl is just our world.

We did enjoy being "young" again but we are both content in the lives we have built. Here are some pictures from both nights, on the second night we all chipped in with our friends and got a limo to take us to and from the concert! That was amazing!