July 7, 2014

Loon Lake Loves

What a week! I loved our family time at Loon Lake. I have spent so many 4th of July's there, that I can't imagine going anywhere else. The first week of July is also Moratorium Week, so both Ben and I are forced away from the gym or pool and end up having a blast together at the lake. Amelia loves the water so much, she now hates sitting in her floaty and wearing her life jacket. She would rather be thrown in the air by daddy and dunked by mommy. Amelia loved playing in the water with her cousins this trip too!

Josh and Lindsay slaved away in Bluffton on their soon to be new home while we all played, ate our body weight in s'mores, and got tan. It will pay off in the long run though! They will be close enough to visit the lake more often now!

Having so many people at the lake was fun, and exhausting all at the same time. When the little girls woke up (Amelia included) they just wanted to start playing immediately. I don't know what age I started hating naps, but I am very sure that ended because I now love naps. Well, all the little ones are at that point of not really liking naps. So there was little rest for the watchful eyes.

Having all the cousins together begs for a quick photo shoot and I had lots of fun taking pictures of my nieces and Amelia, however Amelia was a stinker both times we tried to get pictures so there are about two of her.... grrr, again with the naps!

Here are a few pictures from our vacation. I made a movie too! I will post that later, enjoy!