So much to tell you!

So much to tell you!

Lately, I feel like I open every post of this blog with, "I haven't posted in so long!" or, "Sorry for the delay." Well, here I am again saying something of the sort, but this time I am NOT sorry, nor do I feel bad. I have been living it up since my last few posts. We have traveled, welcomed more family to Bluffton, gotten sunburned, even watched Amelia take her first steps.

I love this blog, but I love creating moments to blog about more. 

So, I had another birthday. I am now 28 years old. It really has turned into just another day. Amelia slept in until 9am for me and Ben and I went out to dinner and shopping. I am still working on "Thank You" cards! I got so many kind cards and gifts by way of mail, for that I am grateful.
Lindsay, Josh, Elizabeth and Abigail arrived and are settling into their new house in Bluffton. IT was a stressful few days for Lindsay but she handled the move gracefully. Rosemary and Steve deserve "Grandparents of the Year Awards" after all the driving and watching of grandkids these last few weeks. We are all thankful.

We took a trip to the 4-H fair with the nieces and Amelia, this was fun because so many of my awesome students, and Ben's, participate and we got to meet their animals up close and personal. 

I have gotten so used to mornings with Amelia. I am going to miss that little smile and chatterbox when school starts (Aug. 7th) it will be tough leaving her. This fall Amelia will be going to Miss Shelly and Aunt Lindsay's house once swim and basketball season start up! These next pictures are from a new fun thing we do after really messy breakfasts. Sink bath!

Amelia started walking today. She took about 8 steps to me at the lake, I cried a little. She has four teeth on top and two on bottom. She is such a stinker, she also learned how to make fishy lips and that just makes me happy.

We had dinner with the Craft family this evening and Ashley makes the most amazing cocunut chicken! It was great hanging out with them and the Seder family. Our church family is diverse and supportive. For what else could we ask?

Tomorrow we head out to Chicago to visit Laura and Vanessa, to do touristy things and to see the Cubs "play" I love our little family trips! I will be taking some real nice pictures while there, stay tuned for those posts soon. 

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