The Windy City

The Windy City

For Ben's birthday I bought Cub tickets from a friend at work! This year is the 100 year anniversary of the Wrigley Field and we have always enjoyed a good baseball game! Ben and I have gone to a few Cub's games now. After purchasing the tickets, I promptly called a few friends in Chicago and one even offered to watch Amelia and let us stay with her during our trip! Two of my best girl friends from Purdue live in Chicago now, Laura and Vanessa have always been the best of gals and though timing didn't workout to see Vanessa (super sad), Laura hosted us and little Amelia.

Before the game, but after a 4 hour drive, we did some tourist things. We went to Millennium Park, there was a musical festival that evening, so there were lots of rehearsals going one. One in particular was the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. Amelia loved being able to crawl around and dance on the grass after being held in the car seat for so long. She was a great traveler!

She saw the "bean" and took the obligatory pictures under it and the reflection of us! See below. I just adore our little family, but I must say I do love small town living. I did most the driving in Chicago and that wasn't too bad, but people are just in their own worlds up there. Not very often were people chatting with you, or even smiling. Amelia lost a shoe at one point so we walked around for about 10 minutes looking for it, finally some nice lady said she saw it and moved it to the side because people just kept kicking it! It was a Cinderella story HA!

Ben and I ventured out for a date night to the Cubby Bear for dinner and the Cubs game for fun. The game was not packed and was pretty exciting. I was just fun to go do couple things again. We went back to Laura's to crash, got up early, showered and packed up, then walked to a breakfast place called, Batter and Berries, IT. WAS. AMAZING. I will forever go there.

Then the travels home began. Not too bad, lots of construction and a stop at Walmart for some Amelia snacks. The iPad with Frozen on it died about an hour out, so that was fun.....

Amelia then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap at home, which was great because so did mommy and daddy. Yeah for family nap time!

Until next time!

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