August 13, 2014

5 down....

177 more to go.

How is it only Wednesday? School "started" last Thursday for teachers are we had students join on Monday of this week. We are tired, broken, and in need of prayers.

On Thursday after the first meeting of the year for the district, there was a terrible accident (FREAK ACCIDENT) in the parking lot. I was walking toward the high school, right behind where the accident happened. I didn't have clear view, but from the looks of things, nothing seemed that serious. I was wrong.

My amazing, loving, and, Godly principal was honking at our athletic director, who was also walking towards the high school. After some joking around a bag was tossed on the car hood and then the driver misread the walking pedestrian and our athletic director was hit by the car and fell to the concrete. He suffered a fracture to the skull that led to bleeding (the serious kind) on the brain.

Bluffton High School, and the district has had their share of tragedy, this is the first time I have witnessed it, or felt so lost and confused about it. See, my principal is rather broken right now, he is carrying so much guilt. My athletic director has gone through two surgeries and is still sleeping, and has yet to wake up.

These men were both at my wedding, they were the first to welcome me to Bluffton, they have given me hugs when I needed it, prayers when I said I didn't and have supported my family in all we do. I love these guys! Please keep them in your prayers.

Bluffton needs some love right now.