August 23, 2014

Amelia - 1 year and beyond (part I)

I had no intentions of doing the monthly updates beyond month 12. Then, Ben asked me when I was going to update her pictures. There were other comments from family and friends too. I realized that as much as I thought those updates were more for me than anyone else, they were in fact enjoyed by all.

No, I will not do monthly updates, I was always stressing because no matter how hard I planned, I was always late on posts and pictures. Instead, I will just take a few shots of Amelia, maybe a video and do a post every few months.

Amelia is currently getting over a cold, first one of the season. Two weeks of being around awesome kids (her, me and Ben) and we are all feeling the effects of germs. Here in the Burman Home we are building our immunity! We had a rough night of sneezing, couching, and snot. Today she seems more happy but can quickly turn clingy. She has already taken a nap today!

Amelia is walking. Like, she will follow me room to room. She also has a temper. Gosh, does she have a temper (must be the red hair). Her new favorite hobby is going into our room and picking the clothes we leave on the ground and then putting it on herself. She will just crawl in there, be quiet, then come storming out into the living room with Ben's shorts around her neck. This morning it was a pair of my underwear. Luckily, they were clean.

She cracks herself up! Today she farted, like I thought it was Ben, and she started laughing with her head down on the couch. Yup, that is right, she has somehow figured out that farting is funny. She is never going to date.

She has also started puckering up for kisses, which is a change from her open mouth love from previous months. She is talking more, she has a word sound for hungry, night-night, no, yes, and down. Pretty brilliant if you ask me.

The pictures below are a bit random, I am trying my hand at some new editing skills. Hope you like them!