August 21, 2014

Teacher Exhaustion

Tomorrow is Friday of week two of back to school 2014-2015. Maybe it was the rough start to the year, or the fact that when I get home I have an energetic one year old to entertain as soon as she is in eye sight, but I am exhausted. I am sure Ben is too, but since we just go home and go to bed we haven't had a chance to discuss our level of tired.

My athletic director seems to be doing well, off the vent and said a few words, he has lots of therapy ahead of him. My principal is also back to school and just having him back makes this year feel normal again.

I went to St. Josephs Michigan for one of my best friends final fling before the ring! (#gremberslastbender) We did a wagon wine tour, played games, and had a great dinner on the coast! I then was able to enjoy a lunch and frozen yogurt date with a great friend from high school, Tiffany Brown. Funny how friends can just pick up where they left off. I feel like Tiffany and I are just living the same life in different states :)

I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday, I can wear jeans and Ben is not coaching this year, so that means I get him back earlier in the evening!