August 5, 2014

Zoo Trip - Final Summer Family Day

Yesterday we went to the Fort Wayne Zoo! It was Ben's idea, we had one more day of real summer together and he wanted to do something fun. We packed up early and headed out after breakfast. Amelia slept on the way up (perfect) and we get there just as she woke up and then headed out to see 'Africa'. Amelia is really starting to explore the world around her. She would point to the animals and was pretty content being pushed in her stroller while taking it all in. She loved seeing the giraffes and playing on the drums.

We had lunch and then explored the 'Indonesian Rain Forest' and then to top it all off, she rode the carousel with mommy. This was a highlight for us all. It was rather hot, and we still needed to go to Costco for our big school year trip, so we called it a day and will save the rest of the zoo for another trip. Don't worry, I took lots of pictures. Take note of her face, I tried to get lots of images of her taking in the different sights and sounds.

Amelia started to go to the sitter today since we go back to work on Thursday. This gives us a few days to clean the house, lesson plan, and get our classrooms ready. This also gives time to figure out how our new morning schedules work. We are so excited about Shelly, so far Amelia loves it! Praying for a great start to the school year!