July 7, 2014

Afternoon in the sprinkler.

Today it was 96 degrees out when we got home from school. (September, get it together, if is FALL NOW!) Ben had to be out the door around 5pm to help with football. So, with the extra time, and the heat, we headed out to our back yard, hooked up the sprinkler and let Amelia have fun. She was still in her clothes when it all started. Slowly each item came off, except the hat. That stayed on.

I love these afternoons. Afternoons like this one make me so happy to be a mommy, and wife! Happy Friday, or as I call it: Stephanie Eve. Tomorrow is my baby sister's Birthday! I like to remember this day as the eve before my wonderful single childhood came to a crashing end. Good thing she was fun, and she took a lot of the trouble blaming. Thank you for that Steffi.