October 28, 2014

Swim, CL, Mom and Birthdays.

Yesterday was the first day of swim practice. As stressed as I am about having a toddler running around during practice and a husband who is also a head coach now, I must say after day one:  I LOVE MY SWIM AND DIVE GIRLS SO MUCH. I have watched my senior girls grow from awkward 8th graders to beautiful young women who are leading the team. I feel like a proud mom watching these ladies swim and laugh.

Ben and I have been working as adult volunteer leaders with Campus Life (Youth for Christ) on Monday nights with the Southern Wells High School group. So far I really enjoy seeing how Ben interacts with his students and how I fit in as Burman's wife (funny because to so many of my students he is Burman's husband). Last night there was a combined group meeting for a "Haunted Forest" with my school, Bluffton High School and Ben's school, Southern Wells High School. It was so much fun seeing the kids interact and walking through the haunted woods!

We enjoyed a great visit with my Mom last week! My mom came to stay in Bluffton, Tuesday through Saturday and it was so great to see Amelia play and love on her. They don't get to spend lots of time together and she was able to even babysit a few times. That was so helpful for us since Ben and I both had Parent/Teacher conferences that week and I had a huge presentation for work.  It was sad seeing her go, but after a trip to Colorado, AND California I am sure she was ready to sleep in her own bed!

This weekend was also our niece, Elizabeth's birthday party! It is crazy to think that I met the Seder family in Florida for Elizabeth's 3rd birthday so many year ago. Now we are able to get together at the grandparents home and celebrate together and sleep in our own beds at night. It was great seeing them and playing in the back yard after all the food, cake, and presents.

Hope you enjoyed the update, no pictures this time around, but we are getting family pictures done soon.

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