October 18, 2014

Teacher of the Year

Ben was honored this past Friday as Teacher of the Year by Indiana Connected Educators! The presentation of the award took place at Noblesville High School during their yearly conference. I was blown away by the professional appearance, set up and organization of then entire conference. Ben was gifted a free hotel stay, $500 gift, and a free program for his school. We also both won a few things in a drawing on Thursday!

I can't tell you how proud of this man. He kept saying "I am not doing anything special, I feel like I don't deserve this." Yes, you are doing great things Ben and even the committee that picked you said they hit gold when you were nominated.

Ben had to do a presentation as part of the award and he gave an hour presentation on what he uses in the classroom and a pep talk to teachers. "You don't have be great at EVERYTHING just pick what works and be the best at that." After being at a conference for two days and learning so much, it is just what we teachers needed to hear.

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