January 12, 2015

Snow Day #3

Today we had school cancelled. I am not complaining. I love these surprise days with family. This does put a wrinkle in swimming and basketball, oh... AND lesson planning, but it makes time with each other so sweet. I love all the family breakfast time at the table, and slow morning playing while watching cartoons. I am becoming a big fan of Doc McStuffins. (I love Disney Jr.)

I haven't blogged much, considering this is the third snow day, mostly because of this:

I can't tell you how excited I am about this adventure! Please point friends and families my way, I need more practice and experience! A big shout out to my mom for always telling me about her photography stories and giving me advice to better my pictures in the last year. Also, Ben for helping me buy new equipment and support this adventure. I love you both so much!

I have spent long hours working on this website and I still have updates coming. Share away. Here is a picture of Amelia and one of her many new faces. She makes us laugh so hard.

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