January 1, 2015

Winter Break Part I

I do not post during the swim/basketball season. I just get so busy and feel so much pressure to perform in other areas. I am so happy to be off school for a while. I plan to post a few times during the next week just to catch you up.

I have tons of holiday pictures, movies and stories.

So far our Winter Break, has been more winter than break. Ben and I both have practices and team events to attend. I also have roughly 50 research projects and blog portfolios to grade... ah the life of a teacher. I am actually excited to see what my students have prepared.

Amelia is loving this sleep in and hang out with mom and dad thing. I do think she misses Shelly though! She loved the holidays opening gifts. She mostly played with wrapping paper and boxes. She was blessed with so many gifts. She is so loved. We are so loved!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Ben's family in Noblesville. I have been doing this with him for five years! I love it. I am sure as our kids get older we will start creating new traditions, but until then, feeling like a kid again one day of the year is just amazing. I am also realizing that watching Amelia open gifts is way more fun than opening my own!

On Christmas Day evening we headed home, drove through Marion to see a light show. We got lost, but luckily I have a big loving smart husband who figured things out. Once we arrived I let Amelia sit in my lap while driving (roughly, 5 mph) through the 4 mile light show, she was amazed and saying "ooooo" and "ahhhh" that was truly a memorable moment.

On the next day we hosted my family for the Berhalter/Burman Christmas. This was the first time I hosted a Christmas and man, it was fun and I was pooped afterward. We had dinner, I made spehgetti and then sugar cookies that we decorated after dinner. We opened gifts, laughed and enjoyed having family together. I am so thankful for this Christmas and the people in which we were, and are, surrounded by. I am also thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, after all it is his birth that we celebrate during this time of year. "He is the reason for the season."

Here is a quick video of Christmas in Noblesville and pictures from the Berhalter/Burman Christmas!

we tried... we really did

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