January 2, 2015

Winter Break Part II

I love crafting.

Maybe it is the weather, and not being able to go outside, or the long afternoon naps, but this time of year makes me want to craft. Now that the gift giving time of the holiday season is over, I can share some of the things we made over the last few weeks!

Hand Wreath:

A classic, but still super cute and Amelia loved the paint on her hands. I got all the supplies from out local Walmart and used left over craft supplies I had from past winters. I gently nailed the ribbon to the back of the canvas so it would be strong enough to hang for a while. This beauty went to my Mom for Christmas.

Hand Tree:

This was with ALL the grand girls on the Burman side. We made it for Rosemary and the older girls enjoyed showing Amelia how to do it! I used some old scrapbook paper and made a star. I had high hopes for glitter ornaments, plus a few buttons, then I realized I had way too many kids running around and I was trying to bake cookies. 

Hot Chocolate Jars:

We make "Burman Hot Chocolate" every year as our homemade gift. I will NOT be sharing that recipe due to how we protect it. Ha, who are we kidding, I make a new recipe each year and pray it turns out. I hate buying jars since we use so many products that have glass jars. So in July I started saving all the glass jars, turns out we eat a ton of salsa from Walmart.

I cleaned the jars, took off the labels, warm water and finger nails did the trick and prepped the lids. The lids had stains so I boiled them, and then after they were dry I spray painted them with chalkboard paint. It took a few coats but it turned out great! I wrote the "To:" on the lids and put some ribbon on to make them pretty!

Chalkboard Canisters:

We shop at Costco. I adore Costco, so much goodness in one place! If I hit up Costco, Target and The Dollar Store on the same trip I am a happy woman for days!

We got most all our supplies for "Burman Hot Chocolate" from Costco so... that means I had jumbo canisters left and I refused to throw them away. I washed them, set them out to dry and proceeded to pick up 25+ crayons after Amelia colored destroyed my living room.

Then it hit me! I could paint them and then keep things in them! Better idea, chalkboard paint and write what is in them. GENIUS. It took three coats and priming the paint with chalk after it dried to really look cool. 

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