April 13, 2015

Easter Bunny and a Dancing Queen.

Easter was so fun this year! We celebrated with coloring eggs along side the Leising Family. They are such great friends and we will miss them as Bill takes a great new job in South Carolina this May! I will miss my close friend Holly so very much and Amelia will be heart broken as her first love moves away.

We were also able to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with a trip to see family in Noblesville. Rosemary spoiled all the kids (including us) and Amelia had her first REAL Easter egg hunt, daddy helped a lot. We are so thankful to have family close.

Also fun fact, Amelia likes to escape her crib and play in the living room while we are in bed. On Sunday Ben and I could hear her playing in her crib. Things got quiet (red flag #1) and then I heard her door shut. I grabbed her monitor and I couldn't see her! We sprinted to her room, opened the door. NOTHING. She was gone. Then, I heard "let it go... let it go" a new toy from daddy that she was playing with in the living room. We had a big laugh and have planned the conversion to toddler bed in the near future.

She also likes to dance. Wonder where she gets that? Check these moves out...

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