May 11, 2015

Harrison Craig

We are happy to announce that baby Burman #2 is a strong, healthy, boy! All measurements show things are going well and that this little guy is not taking after his father yet. (Ben was welcomed into this world at a full 10 lbs) I pray our little man is healthy and happy, and that if he is a whopping 10 lbs, I can recover.

We were surprised to see his "goods" at our 18 week appointment, Amelia took some poking and prodding to get a good picture. Our little man spread it for the world to see. I already love his personality.

Amelia still has no idea what is going on. She will point at my stomach (or her stomach) when asked where the baby is located. She was happy to get a cupcake in order to announce the gender. That has been about it in her excitement. I am sure she will warm up to the idea soon after our little guy arrives.

Here are a few images from our gender reveal shoot. Amelia is hilarious, and clearly hyped up on sugar at this point.

There is never a dull moment with this girl! Yes, that is a stick she found near a pond in her mouth. Judge me, I dear you. I have a series on images of her running toward me with the stick like Grissom. I couldn't stop laughing, and as you can see in the background neither can Ben. 

Name: Harrison Craig Burman

Due: October 2nd 
Size: Mango

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