May 28, 2015

Messy Amelia and Memorial Day 2015

My little girl plays with little boys all day and has developed a love for dirt, horseplay, and worms. I love every minute of it! Her vocabulary has exploded in the last few weeks. Some of our favorite words and phrases include:

"aww man!"
"Daddy" (in a mocking tone)
"Daddy" (in an accusing tone)
"Mommy" (same tones)
"This is my _______"
"Hail Hail" - wanting us to sing Old Purdue!
"Sunshine, Sunshine, Away" wanting us to sing You are My Sunshine
"I see you!"

She is catching on to what we ask of her too. She answers us when we ask her questions, she chooses between items, and is starting to want to wear certain things!

We headed up to Loon Lake for Memorial Day 2015 and fun was had by all. There was one point where Amelia jumped in and I had to go after her, scared ME to death. I hormonally cried long enough for Amelia to start comforting me. My dad (pappy) came up to visit for a few hours on Saturday. That was so nice! On their short visit the drove a few more hours just to see Amelia, Ben, Loon Lake, the Burman Family and me! So thankful for that time. 

Naturally, I have about 2 pictures of everyone else! I was in lake mode, not photographer mode. I am looking forward to the water warming up and long afternoons of playing and splashing in the water, WITH FLOATATION devices.

Oh one more thing.

I accepted a new job offer at a new school district. I will be taking my talents and love for teaching south, to Southern Wells High School. Does that school sound familiar? Well, you might know this school as home to Ben Burman! That is right the Burman Teaching Team starts in August 2015! We are so excited to work together! Crazy, we know. I just can't wait to be closer to my husband and colleague and to be able to spend a few more minutes together during the winter months.

I will miss Bluffton High School, they have been so great to me. They were my family when family was far away, they comforted, laughed and helped me grow. Thank you BHMSD for the time!

Only a few more days until summer. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

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