July 6, 2015

Holiday at the Lake

We have made it a tradition to spend as much time at Loon Lake during the 4th of July week as possible. We love it up there and so does Amelia. With more family living closer (and loving the lake as much as us) we split time up there so everyone could enjoy the time! Thank you to Steve and Rosemary for always hosting, for the food, and for getting the family matching shirts each year!

Amelia is a swimmer. If you haven't seen some of the videos from our social outlets, go look! Amelia jumps in from... well... everything. We worked on her swimming start, naturally. She also enjoyed doing her own sparkler this year. Thanks to Aunt Lindsay, because I was too nervous to do it. I think I saw one too many of those 911 episodes as a child. She loved it!

We had a great night of fireworks and all the little girls slept great. After the fireworks Amelia said, "I go night night." She was pooped.

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