July 25, 2015

Pictures, Projects, and Preparing

This month has flown by! Ben has been such a trooper. I always have a list of things to do when he walks in the house from basketball (which is now over for the summer!) and he eats lunch and gets to work! Since there have been so many changes, this is going to be a long post. I have listed the projects and shared a little about each. Please note, with a two year old running around projects take roughly 2 weeks longer than they should. 

Platform Bed:

We got a new memory foam bed from Costco since we were still sleeping on the bed Ben used in college. We got the bed and loved it. It was on our boxspring for a while, but all the reviews suggested a platform bed. Those are expensive and Ben is super handy... so he built one. So far it is amazing!

Swing Set:

Amelia is a girl on the move. She loves the slide and swings at Mrs. Shelly's house and getting her off the slides at the park is an adventure. So, we asked around and a friend of mine had an old swing set her kids didn't use anymore and gave it to us for free! We had to rent a trailer and bribe some basketball players with free lunch but we got the solid wood frame to our house from across town.


Ben spent about two days power washing (and two power washers) then we added a slide from Menards. So far Amelia wakes up, watches some cartoons and then asks to slide and swing. We plan to add a few more obstacles, and a baby swing in time! If you want to see this in action, check out the #BurmanBrag column to the right.


We had been looking on Craigslist daily for a deal on a little dresser for Harrison's room. We needed something smaller than Amelia's, but something we could paint. Naturally, our neighbor was having a garage sale and had a small one that would work perfect! That saved us travel and stress! We sanded, painted, fixed 2 tracks and changed hardware. So far it is perfect. Please know that the hardware was the biggest issue here. The size needed for new pulls was not carried in stores around here so I ordered them online! So happy it all worked out.


Artwork Display:

I made Ben keep the scraps from his building adventure with the platform for our bed. I knew I could use some of them to create stuff. We moved Amelia's room around so that it was a big girl room and she needed a place to display cards and crafts. I made her two art displays with paint from Harrison's dresser and clothes pins I had left over from other crafts. I hot glued the pins on and Ben hung the boards for me! Turned out great.


The office became Harrison's room. We moved part of our huge desk out to the kitchen. I still need the computer for editing pictures and we need a spot to do family paper work and what not. The room isn't finished BUT we get a great start this past weekend. Amelia's old crib is set up, new sheets and reused some pillows from our old couch. The colors are navy, gold, black, and white. We mixed together our favorite DMB poster and Purdue themed. I am very happy how things are coming along. I will post nice pictures when everything is ready.

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