September 8, 2015

Remember when I used to blog ALL THE TIME... yeah me either.

What a whirlwind life is right now. Between school, Amelia, prepping for Harrison and Burman Photography, I kind of forgot about this little blog.

Here is a quick update! Before school started we took our annual family trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo! It was cool because Steven was here visiting and got to enjoy so Amelia time and see some pretty cool animals. Amelia is getting more and more fun when we do outing like that.

Amelia is growing up so fast. Mrs. Shelly (Shell-she) potty trained Amelia. Seriously in like 3 days. She has had a few accidents, especially when we are playing and she doesn't want to take a break BUT she always acts really sad with us when it happens. Amelia also transitioned at church from the nursery area, to a classroom in the youth area! In other important news, we can put her hair in a ponytail and pig tails.

She has a big appointment next week to get surgery for tubes in her ears. We are on ear infection #7 of this year. She just loves swimming and her allergies are firing up causing many of her infections. Oy! I am planning on the surgery while Grandma Glenna and Grandma Tera are here in November. This will give me more hands to hold and love on Harrison while I baby my first baby.

Ben is gearing up for basketball, first morning workout is tomorrow! I am busy getting bigger and bigger. Grissom hates when we leave in the morning and I think he is punishing us by shedding more. That could also just be my nesting fever.

I am hoping to post a nursery special next time! We are getting a lot of "Do you need anything?" from family and friends.

Here is a quick list of wants/needs for Harrison:
Diapers (NB & Size 1)
Breastfeeding Cover Up - Covered Goods
Grooming Kit

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