October 11, 2015

Harrison Craig :: Birth Story

Things are starting to get normal. What that means is my body is adjusting to no sleep, eating to keep up with milk production, and being in love with two little ones (and one big one). Let me tell you how we became a family of four in a few short pushes.

On Tuesday September 23rd, Bluffton Free Street Fair rolled in and we ventured to the fair for FOOD! We budgeted extra money for the week of yummy treats and games for Amelia. We planned a big evening at the fair and Amelia was pretty good (until it came time to leave) she even won a gold fish! Well, Daddy won the fish, but Amelia was there crying about not getting throw the last ball.

When we arrived home it was a stressful time getting our sugar filled child to bed and after I had some school things to get finished. I joke with Ben that I ate greasy food so the baby should just slip right out - how true that was. That night I remember changing my pants because I thought I was sweating through mine.... fun fact, it wasn't sweat.

The next morning I was on solo duty as Ben had basketball workouts in the morning, early. I remember having two big contractions and pooping a lot before lifting Amelia into my car. On the way to school, I told Harrison I was ready for him when he was ready to come. I had a few more contractions on the drive and some time able ones at school during the day. I taught from behind my desk or sitting down, I had so much pressure. I had to change my pad a few times that day and thought about calling the doctor, but I had my 39 (technically 38 and 5 days) appointment that afternoon at 4pm. So I waited and waited.... and waited until my appointment to talk about the leaking and contractions.

On my way to the doctors office I had several strong contractions and laughed a the idea that I was in real labor. Told Dr. Fouts about the contractions and leaking to which she got a little flustered and checked the situation. She was sure I broke my water and sent me across the street to have this baby. She was the doctor on call, so after she took off her gloves, we high fived (that really happened) and we made plans to hang out that evening.

I called Ben and explained the situation and he thought I was kidding. Needless to say, I wasn't and arrived at the hospital while Ben rushed around packing that hospital bag he kept saying he was going to pack. He took Amelia and Grissom to Lindsay's and grabbed some food before the night of labor commenced.

During Ben's travels I had a few nurses tell me I probably wasn't going to stay because they didn't think my water actually broke... to which my doctor told them (in nicer words) to shut up, she is having this baby. Dr. Fouts broke the remaining membrane and my contractions picked up. I got the epidural, technically two, my poor guy had a hard time because my vertebra are too close? I am not sure if that is a real thing or not, but that was a killer. I finally got the medicine and pretty numb. before I knew it, it was time to push. Three pushes, one ring of fire, and a supportive husband later, Harrison was born.

This birth was so much faster and calm. I felt much more, but nothing worth complaining about. No stitches or repairs needed in the south, I pooped a normal poop before leaving the hospital (so did the baby) and we got a healthy baby boy when leaving. Perfect.

My day leading to the birth:
6 am - 7 am - Poops & early morning with Amelia
8 am - 3 pm - Timing contractions & teaching all day
4 pm - 5 pm - Dr. Fouts & travel to hospital
6 pm - 7 pm - Check in to hospital & Ben arrives
8 pm - Membranes ruptured
9 pm - Epidural
12 am - Game on - 10 cm
12:25 am - Pushing
12:45 am - Harrison arrives

Harrison Craig Burman
7 lbs 10 oz 20 in
12:45 am
September 24th 2015 

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