October 22, 2015

Siblings and Steele Farms

Our new normal. I am up before 7 everyday, there is A LOT of poop, milk (mommy's for Harrison, and Chocolate for Amelia), and crying from everyone other than Ben. We are starting to find a pattern to sleep and how to tackle dinner, bedtime, and nightly feedings.

Amelia is so kind and gentle with Harrison! I love watching her love on him and hold his hand, she also rubs his not existing hair. I think she treats him how I treat her, and that just melts my heart. Poor Ben, we were spoiled having Amelia in the summer when we were both off and had no other stress. Harrison arrived weeks before the start of basketball season. Ben has been juggling teacher, husband, dad, coach, and every other hat I might need. I am thankful him and his ability to give me breaks and allow me time to still grow my little business.  

I have tons of ideas for Christmas gifts and when you have a baby Shutterfly sends you all kinds of free gifts to get printed. So, I did a little sibling session (it lasted 5 minutes) and I was able to get these cute images. Seriously, look how proud Amelia is, it almost makes me want to have more. ALMOST, and then my uterus is like Woah Nelly, let me rest crazy and I am all like, I hear you sister. I hope you just enjoyed the inner monologue I have with my girly organs. Enjoy the pictures of what said organ helped create.

We had our first family outing last weekend. We still needed to get a pumpkin so we went to a place raved about by our friends. (Thank you Miller family for the nudge!) We went to Steele Farms and we LOVED it and will return EVERY year until we move, die, or they stop the business. I made a video of our time at Steele Farms. Note, it was cold so Harrison stayed bundled up in my Ergo with a hat on, so.... there are no pictures of him, BUT he was there!

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