November 26, 2015

Halloween and The Grandmas.

You would think maternity leave means more blog posts. You would think.... I know today is Thanksgiving and Halloween was over a month ago, but I am thankful for that holiday and the fact that my mom and grandma visited us then too! Grandma Tera and GG (Glenna) came out for 5 days to help clean my house, hold my babies, and give me a much needed break. Aunt DD even came up for a day! I was able to shower every day and I even took a nap one day! It was a crazy time because I was booked like crazy for photo sessions, Ben started basketball and Harrison realized he wasn't in the womb anymore. 

I loved talking, baking, and cooking with those ladies. I wish my family lived closer, but I will happily settle for long visits. Maybe if I have more kids they will come out more? I love you ladies so much. 

I can't forget Halloween pictures! This was the first Halloween where we took Amelia trick-or-treating. Our town hosts a thing called "Boo in Bluffton" where we go into town and they have a city gym with free food and candy. Safe and less walking! The Grandmas (and Aunt DD) watched Harrison for a while and then both kids so Ben and I could go to a football game. They were so helpful and thoughtful. 

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