November 27, 2015

Harrison :: 2 months

Time flies when you have a baby. I have really enjoyed the time home the last two months. I can't believe I go back to the classroom on Monday! I am excited to get into a routine and to see my students again. I will miss my 'slow' mornings and time with Harrison. I feel like his personality is just not beginning to show and I will miss lots of milestones. The good news, we have a Shelly. If you don't have a Shelly in your life, well you are missing out.

Harrison has really turned a corner in the baby world. He sleeps well at night, I get 5-6 hour stretches (sometimes longer!) and he is starting to smile and coo. He still loves being held and his mommy, but the stretches of crying are shorter.

Amelia has been a big help, she hates holding the bottle for me though. That must be too boring. She will always put the pacifier back in, or talk to him when he needs some attention. Her heart is big for her 'Bubby'.

We are in full swing with basketball, two games in and Ben and his team have a record of 1:1. Not bad! We ventured to the first home game, I have some many people there who are willing and wanting to play with my kids, it really has become a home for our family. I will say driving home at 9:30 while both kids cried in the back was not my best mom moment.... I just turned up the music and sucked it up. #coachswifefail

Below are a few facts about Harrison followed by a few pictures, things got crazy during his session, so he took a nap. I wish I could just take naps when I wanted too...

Harrison at 2 months:
He loves his pacifier
He is 50:50 breast milk and formula
He loves the swing
He would let me wear him all day if I could
He smiles and reacts to our facial expressions
He slept 10pm to 7am one time!
He naps well
He still sleeps in his rock and play
He loves being swaddled for sleep
He spent thanksgiving sleeping on Mama and Papa
He ADORES bath time, his whole body relaxes and he just enjoys it... and usually pees
He weighed in at 9 lbs 1 oz today!

During this little session, Amelia was playing in the bathtub. After Harrison fell asleep I went to play with her and got some of my favorite images of her to date. I just love her eyes and smirks. She is good for me.

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