December 31, 2015

Christmas Season and Sickness Season

I love Christmas, and I love it with kids! Amelia is at the perfect age! Opening gifts is so much fun for her, we let her open ours she liked it so much! It was hard at times explaining she had opened all hers, but it was even harder explaining where our 'Elf on the Shelf' went. She named him Al and love him! She woke up every morning looking for him. It was equally fun for us since we took turns hiding him. I love that new tradition.

We spent Christmas Eve in Noblesville with the Burman/Seder clan and opened lots of gifts then. (Little did we know germs were attacking Ben). We all went to bed late and woke up late to open gifts. Both kiddos slept until 9am! Mama and Papa were awake waiting on the couch for us! Ben probably could have slept through gifts if we let him. He was feeling really bad.

We read the Bible, opened stockings, opened gifts, had breakfast, played, rested, ate more, watched movies, and were supposed to leave. Well Ben slept ALL day and stayed in his room. He has either the Flu or Mono. We aren't sure. Either way, it sucked. We ended up staying another night since he was so sick and having the extra hands on deck with the kids and Grissom was amazing. (Thank you Steve and Rosemary!) I forgot what it was like to just relax with my in-laws. It was a great time for us and the grand kids. I didn't make Amelia nap that day and she kept telling us "it is my LUCKY day!" She is so funny.

Here are some pictures from Christmas morning/day and then two days later when we made it home and opened gifts at our house too!

Ben is feeling better and our house, though full of toys, is starting to get back to normal! We took down 98% of the decorations and the tree comes down tomorrow. I plan to start the new yer off with a clean house and new diet. Cheers.

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