December 30, 2015

Harrison :: 3 Months

Harrison is a growing machine! He has an appointment today to check his growth. He is 11 lbs 13 oz and 23 inches long! I love hearing him coo and laugh. With our time home the last few days, I have been able to get my fair share of time with him and Amelia. Big sister is such a help. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have survived the last few days without Amelia. Ben has been really sick so she has been my little helper.

Harrison technically turned 3 months on Christmas Eve so I took the pictures before we left for Indianapolis and I am just not blogging! I did the pictures in an "ugly" sweater to highlight the season!

Harrison at 3 months:
He loves to nap on his belly
He just upgraded to 5 oz bottles
He laughs and smiles at funny faces
He spits up when angry
He spits up when too happy
He just likes to spit up
He loves his play mat and all the toys that hang down
He is sleeping roughly through the night
He hates wet or dirty diapers
He still nurses for comfort
He watches cartoons with Amelia in the morning

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