December 6, 2015

Tree and Tubes

It has been a crazy eventful week at the Burman home. We decorated our home for the holidays after Thanksgiving. I am realizing fast that all decorations must be up high and those that are low become toys. I have a little snowman that stands, but has now become Amelia's best friend.

Onto the tubes...and adenoids. Amelia had her first surgery ever on Friday and I am not going to lie... it sucked. I hated every minute of it. I was humbled seeing her hooked up to so many machines and her reaction to waking up without us. Just typing about it makes me tear up and sick. I know this will help her in the long run. She had 8 diagnosed ear infections in 2015. The surgeon said there was so much puss when he drained before placing the tubes. Blah. 

She is almost 100% recovered and I am so thankful for that, but after three days of being waited on hand and foot, she is very spoiled. I don't mind it too much. I am so happy to have her in my arms at night.  

Harrison is doing well. I felt a cold coming so I pushed Vitamin C hard and took a small nap today. I think he might be feeling yucky too since he has cried the minute he away from me or put down. Stinker. Amelia slept in until 9 am.... that is 2 hours past her normal. I was getting worried. She must have needed it, because she woke up as an Angel! 

I have my first week back to work under my belt (why I think I was getting a cold) I missed teaching. I like not making videos and having a week ready to go on Sunday, I can adjust day to day. The students seem happy to have me back, but my expectations are also back, some hate that. 

Basketball will be taking over this week 4 games in 10 days. Let's go Raiders! 

Also, I get my Leising Loves (Holly and her tribe) in 12 days. I have made a count down. I CAN'T wait to see my best friend and to introduce Hank to his girls Layne and Logan. Plus, Kal and Millie will be so excited to see each other AND it is the Bluffton vs. Southern Wells game. So our families will be loving and hating each other all in one night! I am counting down... see below.

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