December 19, 2015

Winter Break Day 1 - Making the bed.

Today is the first day of winter break and I am loving the instant slow we get to enjoy. I made breakfast, drank coffee, laughed hard, snuggled babies, and enjoyed my husband. I love this time of year. I cleared my to-do list and just did things as they came up.

"When was the last time I changed the sheets....?" That question prompted the striping of beds and the start of laundry. I started making the bed, and ended up making memories instead.

I adore my photography business, but sometimes I adore having a nice camera so we can have impromptu sessions while I am trying to make the bed. Enjoy a few of my favorite images of the loves in my life today while I tried to make my bed.

I am embracing the non perfect images, you know, not matching outfits, juice stained lips, snotty noses and spit up stained onsies. Since I am embracing... you have to as well. Thank you in advance.

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