January 24, 2016

Harrison :: 4 Months

In the past month we got a new van, a new phone, and (what feels like) a new baby! Harrison is such an easy infant these days. He isn't a fan of being swaddled so bed time can be frustrating sometimes (he wakes him self up quickly) but when he gets to deep sleep he is pretty good at sleeping until 5am or later.

He is cooing more and this morning he said "da-da" while laying in bed with Ben and I before Amelia woke up. Ben (who I thought was asleep) heard it, rolled over and said "That's right dude!" 

We are all sick right now. Respiratory struggles, coughing, and sneezing are to name the most common symptoms. We stayed home from church this morning since both kiddos have green snot. We have lounged and diffused oils all day. Pray for a healthy home next week. 

Ben is so busy with basketball these days. No break on the weekends either, poor guy. Good thing we love those boys and basketball. I have to humble myself on the frustrating nights alone and remember he is needed by those boys for more reasons than I will ever know. God gave us this life, and the struggles to make us stronger. I am not a fan of being a 'Coaches' Wife' 100% of the time, but there are good times. Check out this documentary about Coaches Wives
Meet the unsung heroes of the athletic world. For many years the focus has been on the coach and his players. But it is now time to turn the attention to another - often overlooked - individual involved in a team’s life: the coach’s wife.

Harrison at 4 months: 
He hates being swaddled to sleep!
He get overwhelemed by to much noise or lights
He is just getting used to the pep band and buzzers at basketball games
He is all smiles and drool
We think he is cutting teeth
He had Tylenol for the first time this week
He recognizes Amelia and gets excited when she talks to him
He adores bath time 
He still has blue eyes, but we are still thinking brown will be his color
He loves Miss Shelly's house and has landed into a great routine
He wears 3-6 month clothes
He is a great car rider (He love the new van)
Like clock work, when mommy sits down to eat dinner, Harrison screams. CLOCK WORK.

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