March 6, 2016

Harrison :: 5 months

And so begins the race to not be super late in posting monthly updates. Part of the issue is that it was dark on his 5 month birthday and I just love natural light for his little sessions. Harrison - we have landed on Hank as the nickname of choice - is such a different baby than Amelia used to be.

He is not a huge fan of sleep, this has been the biggest adjustment. He is now 100% formula fed and thriving. This is pressure I refused to put myself through again. He is a very happy baby and smiles for Miss Shelly all day.

He is fitting his first big illness. We went to his pediatrician two weeks ago for a bad cough and crankiness - very unlike him. She gave him a breathing treatment and told me to let it run its course. Note- he never had a fever! One week later and NOTHING was better. So we went to RediMed since Amelia was now sick as well and the pediatrician office was booked solid. Both kiddos had Tonsillitis. YUCK. Both are currently on a 10 day antibiotic and the coughs and crankiness are going away. I hate sick babies.

Harrison at 5 months: 

He still will not roll over. He is one content boy! 
He loves his hands and feet.
He loves baths and kicks feet, then pees out of sheer joy (or the warm water... jury is still out)
He had his first solid foods this month, big fan of rice cereal/
He loves sitting in his Bumbo seat
He watches cartoons with Amelia
He loves 'playing' with his sister
He loves when Grissom licks him
He is wearing 6 month clothes
He weighs 16 lbs
He wakes up between 3 am -4 am to eat every night.
His nails are actually shards of glass, no matter how well I clip them
He really is a happy baby.

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