March 6, 2016

Visiting Grammy Gaynelle

Due to basketball commitments and random photo sessions we have not be able to get down to Indianapolis as often as we would like. We finally planned a day away and spent it with Grammy Gaynelle and the Burman Grandparents. We had amazing pizza, finally celebrated Christmas, and threw some Valentine's day gifts in there too.

Harrison is getting so big and after visiting when he was a few weeks old it was great to see him actually interact with Grammy. He was laughing and cooing. He didn't have a blow out on her like Amelia did when she was a baby! 

Amelia got some hilarious gifts. The got a chip-monk that repeats things you say to it, in a chip-monk voice. She would get to laughing so hard and then the chip-monk would laugh at her with voice, you can image in the endless hilarity that took place. 

We were all able to sit and catch up while the kids played and rested. It was a memorable afternoon and a reminder that we need to visit more often.

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