March 7, 2016

YMCA - Swimming Fun

It took us over a year to get a YMCA membership. I just couldn't find time to workout without have SOME type of childcare. I sacrificed a few things and so did Ben, so we could enjoy a place to play and workout. So far I have done both while Ben has been Amelia's pool boy.

I haven't been brave enough to get into a swim suit yet and we know how much Amelia loves the pool, so Ben has been taking her to spend time together and burn energy.

I adore watching them play. Last week we all went as a family and snapped a few images while holding Harrison. Actually he really just wanted to left alone. So he sat in his car seat, after I striped him down and laughed and practiced using his hands and feet (see images). I even put my feet in and so did little man. Amelia did enough jumping and swimming for the entire family.

We have go as a family twice a week and just swam, I took her and Harrison to childcare to workout and you would have thought the world was ending... she wanted to swim. BAD. Lesson learned, I will always take her swimming AFTER I workout.

Here are some pictures of her adventures with daddy at the pool. We joke that she will be a swimmer since she loves this place so much, but he reminds me that the basketball hoop is her favorite thing to play while there.

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