April 5, 2016

Goodbye Grissom

Last night our first baby passed away in the arms of his best friend, Ben.

Grissom was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors, a fast and terrible form of Cancer. We made plans to keep him comfortable through the summer. We were too hopeful. The literature we were given said to expect 2 months. That is exactly how long it took for his body to quit working. He had bad days of not eating, or vomiting. Yet, he was rather playful and would wag his tail when we came home.

This weekend was his worst yet. He would only eat a few things Ben made him, like eggs or ham. He was still drinking a little. He vomited so many times and was just not wanting to be super playful. I guess we were just waiting for a good day around the corner. Monday came and he was slow moving in the morning and that night he woke me up by standing at my face.

Ben and I discussed the end was near and we would be keeping an eye on him. I arrived home on Monday at 4:30pm and Ben was on his way to work out. Grissom did not meet me at the door and was laying on the floor in our room, this was VERY unlike him. He stood slowly, walked slowly, and stumbled to the back door. I loved on him, and called Ben. I told him to come home, something was wrong.

Grissom had wet himself a few times in the house, again unlike him. He went outside and laid down and stared off clearly having a hard time breathing. I got him back inside and he cuddled with me on the floor. Amelia was in a "climb all over EVERYTHING" mood and Harrison was hungry. It was tough trying to be a dog mom and a human mom in that time.

When Ben came in the door, Grissom looked up and wagged his tail. This was the last time he wagged his tail. We started calling vets and I can honestly say I am very disappointed in the care we got from those who supposed to be professional. It was close to closing time at both clinics and they turned us away. The vet on call never returned our calls after two voicemails. I am angry with them for telling us, "Sorry it will have to wait until tomorrow." and at us for letting it get this bad with no other options.

Around 6pm I fed the kids and we ate a small dinner hoping the on call vet would call us back and meet us at the clinic to make Grissom comfortable and put him to sleep. I bathed both kids while Ben had time with Grissom. We brought his bed into the living room where he found some comfort.

Amelia was in the living room watching cartoons while I put Harrison to sleep. It was only 7pm. As Harrison fell asleep Ben came in the room, told me to put him down and come quick. I did and when I came out I found Grissom and Ben outside.

Grissom had abruptly stood up and wanted outside. He stumbled out and as Ben watched him he knew it was the end. Grissom laid down and let out a yelp and struggled to breath. Ben picked up our huge baby who dangled in his arms back inside. I took Amelia to her room for her to watch cartoons and play on her iPad. We were there as his heart stopped and he took his last breathe. We cried, said our goodbyes and loved on him, told him he was a good dog and he passed away on his bed, in his home.

Last night proved to be one of the hardest nights in our married life. We had to explain to our almost three year old that Grissom's body stopped working but that he was in heaven with God and Jesus. She could grasp some of it, but she seemed rather scared and weirded out that Mommy and Daddy were crying and that Grissom was just sleeping.

We loved our dog so much. We spent time talking about funny memories and how he came into our lives. We told our families and friends who also helped us love our first baby. It was hard this morning not letting him out, not telling him to be a good boy as we left.

I found so many pictures of him and even videos. I am going to post some here so you can also remember our first love. Grissom helped us grow in patience, get in shape, learn unconditional love, how to enjoy the lake, and how to cuddle the right way. Grissom's mark on our family is permanent and perfect.

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