April 29, 2016

Harrison :: 7 Months

I can't believe he is already 7 months. It really has flown, I am sure our busy winter schedules have made time go faster. This summer is going to be full of milestones and slow mornings with this little man, AND. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

We are now eating baby food, bibs, fingers, mommy's hair, Amelia's toys, and anything that gets near his mouth. He reminds me of those dolls that used to eat fake food... until they were recalled and taken off the shelves. Seriously, he loves to eat.

I got self feeder type things, I was putting baby food in them at dinner, but he was sucking it down so fast! So.... I got smart and put food in them at night and FROZE those suckers to make him work at it. This was a bit selfish, since I make him work harder so I can eat in peace. Also note, peace is a relative word since Amelia is just inches away and likes to "SHARE" dinner.

Harrison is also getting big. I am going to have to buy more 9 month clothes because he is getting so round. I love chubby babies. I would also like to share that this is the age where monthly pictures becomes a task/chore. He is talking and moving and laughing, ALL the time. I love that about him, except when trying to document his growth.

Harrison at 7 months:

He loves yogurt.
He loves to give 'kisses' - its more like eat mom/dad face.
He sits in his 'high chair'
He would rather roll than EVER crawl.
He hates sitting.
He sleeps through the night.
He loves green beans.
He loves Miss Shelly and Baby Reid.
He got a swing for the play set out side and would like to live in it.
He REALLY enjoys the double stroller with sissy.
He is a very happy baby.
He CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH (bottom left front)
He got his first diaper rash :(
He likes to pee through EVERYTHING at night.

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