May 27, 2016

Jake Burman

It was a few weeks in the making, but we finally welcomed home our newest baby, Jake. Jake is now 9 weeks old, he was the runt so he is small, and he is a chocolate lab. We adore him (not his messes). Amelia loves him even more. He enthusiasm to walk him, cuddle him, play with him and chase him makes me heart skip a beat.

He rode in her lap the ENTIRE way home from Indianapolis. she sang to him, if he made noise she would hold his head and say "its ok!" and "I'm right here." and "I know, tell me all about it." I just died, these are all things I tell Harrison when he cries. Oh my goodness. All the feels.

We love Grissom, and there is no way Jake is like him at all. Jake is much calmer, smaller, and so far... dumber. I wasn't around much when Grissom was this age though.... so I am biased. I am pretty sure Grissom was the smartest dog in the world. (Scratch that.... in Wells County.)

We are heading to the lake soon, that is the real test! Will he like the water, he better or we are taking him back because he is broken. Not really, but what lab doesn't like water??

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