June 28, 2016

Amelia :: Three Years Old

Terrible twos are cake compared to our "Three-nager." Good glory, she is sassy, emotional, and simply beautiful. I want to pull my hair out sometimes, but as bad as she can be, she trumps it with her kindness, love, and caring for others.

Amelia is not really into letting me take pictures of her. She would rather play dress up, watch a movie, play a game, or be in her bathing suit. I was not going to battle her on this one. I like to pick my battles wisely these days. So I snapped a few of her in her favorite suit and hat at the lake. Maybe I will get more later?

For her birthday we celebrated at the lake with some carrot cake cupcakes (thank you Rosemary!) and had some special guests. My dad and family came up for the celebration. It was so fun to see her interact with Pappy [Happy] and Bobbi, and her uncles. It was an all around great day. On her actual birthday we went to The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with her cousins and Aunt Lindsay. It was so much fun.

She thinks everyday is her birthday now. That has been fun to explain! Overall this has been Amelia's roughest behavior time, but also her sweetest. She has so many new emotions and reasoning with her is like talking a T-Rex into being a vegan. IMPOSSIBLE. Yet, if I spill something, she runs over, helps me pick everything up and gently pats my face and say "It's ok Mommy, it an accident" WHAT? Gosh, I love it.

Her care and love for her little brother is immeasurable. I don't know what I will do with her, and the more I type... the more I realize, she is JUST. LIKE. ME. Pray that this house doesn't explode.

Amelia at 3 Years Old

She loves PB&J - Cut like a princess crown.
She hates meat.
She loves Mac&Cheese
Her favorite things to do is play in water
She loves her iPad (piepad)
She would wear her princess pjs all day if I let her
She is in the 97 percentile for height and weight
She still goes to Miss Shelly's 1-2 times a week
She feeds her bubby
She loves her dog Jake
She likes to leave all the doors open
She puts her dishes in the sink
She like to help break eggs, even when I don't need them
Her imagination is ever growing
Her speech is better than some of my students
She throws terrible tantrums
She counts, a lot
She likes to make up songs
She will not let me pick out her clothes

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