June 29, 2016

Harrison :: 9 Months

Well here we are, 9 months out. I can't believe it has been so long. I have really started connecting with my little man. His kisses and happy demeanor have often made him my favorite child at bedtime [not really... but really].

Since we have been traveling a bunch I snap pictures here and there. I got my lovely white chair pictures yesterday after Amelia had a sleep over with her cousins. I use the term SLEEP loosely. I was thankful for the oldest cousin, Elizabeth as she was so helpful with Harrison. They are very cute together.

I also snapped a few of the whole clan. They are hilarious. So many personalities in one image. The other pictures are of Harrison at the lake, he is so happy.

Harrison at 9 months

He loves to eat
He will eat 2,000 peas if I let him
He likes to cross his legs
Still no crawling
Still no teeth
He drools a lot
He sleep roughly 11 hours a night
He naps great
He still isn't a fan of the dog
He knows how to eat straight from a food pouch
He doesn't know a stranger
He waves "hello"
He signs "more" and "all done"
He screams, for fun
He also makes fart noises, like loud ones
He wears 12-18 month clothing

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