June 24, 2016

Parenting is very time consuming.

Can I get an Amen to that title?

Since the last post Ben and I celebrated our 5 years of marriage, celebrated Father's Day with BOTH our dad's,  Amelia turned three, and we used a slip and slide for the first time with our children.

I can't seem to find time to post much. The kids are a handful. If I do something Amelia must also do it, Harrison is into everything he can roll towards,  and Jake is a punk who pees and poops in the house.

Ben has been chugging along with graduate school. He got all A's for this first round of classes and started his second round yesterday. I am so proud of him. It has been great to help him out with editing papers and helping search for the correct answers during exams. It is a team effort.

My photography business is going great. I can't wait for September-Novemeber, that is when I make the most money and have the most business. I will say though, my summer has been booked. I have limited openings because we have to make sure Ben is home to watch the kids and I have to make sure we are home from Loon Lake. It actually very nice to have the ability to make my own hours.

Summer is flying by and I really don't like that feeling. I have made a goal to be present during the day with my kids. I have fewer pictures because of this, but I also have better memories. I have loved not having my camera with me at all times. I even forgot my phone [I lost it in the van actually] this past weekend and I hated being cut off for the 6 hours, but toward the end, I LOVED IT! I encourage all of you to 'lose' your phones for a few hours each weekend.

Upcoming posts:

Ben and Amanda - 5 years and counting.
Amelia is 3
Harrison 9 Months

Until those posts, here are a few pictures of our backyard fun in the slip and slide, and pool! We had a parenting fail during this fun time. We thought putting soap on the slip and slide would make Amelia go faster, IT DID! It also washed away all her sun screen. First sun burn... CHECK. *Slams head on desk*

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