August 4, 2016

Family Time

I love the end of the summer. Ben is usually finished with basketball duties, I am gearing up for a busy photography time and we are enjoying the calm before the storm that is the beginning of the school year.

This year we knew things were going to be crazy! I started training in Indy August 1-3. This meant very little time to enjoy our clan before putting that teacher hat back on. So we ventured to our favorite summer hang out. Loon Lake.

We were able to hang out with Rosemary and Steve for a few days then we stayed longer, just us. Have two littles is not always EASY at the lake, but when they nap well and behave, it can be heaven. It was just that. We played in the water, Harrison is loving the water these days (it is starting to feel like bath water!) and Amelia, well she is part mermaid... so it is her home.

I was able to snap a few pictures last time of Ben throwing Amelia in the air, and Harrison playing in his blow up fence area, take a look and see how we enjoyed our last days of freedom.

PS - I would also like to mention/give a huge shout out to my Benjamin Burman, he finished his first summer of Graduate school with a 4.0 G.P.A.

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