August 7, 2016

Harrison :: 10 Months

Well, I am super late on this post. For good reason though. I started my new job in Monday and I a swimming in trainings online. I also dread the idea of getting Hank dressed and sitting still long enough to take pictures. He is a mover now and drooling like a monster.

Harrison is 90% happy baby with the other 10% being hungry. When he is hungry he screams and yells, and slaps his hands together as if to sign "more" just LOTS MORE is expected.

He is a great traveler and rolls with the punches with nap time. He has started pooping in the bathtub. This is gross and I remember Amelia went through a similar stage. Praying his poops start to stay in the diaper. He STILL HAS NO TEETH. I swear he has been teething for roughly 5 months. Please note, this doesn't stop him from eating, he gums food to death and loves it.

Amelia jumped in on this session, so enjoy a view into my life. I will say Amelia is such a good big sister and I am beyond thrilled at how she treats her 'bubby'.

Harrison at 10 months:

He wears 18 month clothing
He will not leave socks on his feet.
He army crawls everywhere (and fast!).
He still loves cuddles when being rocked to sleep.
He is a good sleeper.
He likes to poop in the bath.
He eats all food put in front of him.
He responds to his name.
He smiles at everyone, and toys with faces.
He loves car toys (or anything with wheels).
He also loves Barbie's....
He will stand when we prop him up.
He hates being confined.
He also loves electrical outlets. (Pray for my mommy heart.)

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